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Async JS Clock

Waiting for things the JavaScript way…

This blog posts bring clarity to the various asynchronous or async JS mechanisms that exist. It covers Callbacks, Promises, Generators and Async / Await in more details and provides great references for those that want to learn more.

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How To Hire Awesome Engineers?

Hiring engineering these days is very challenging for many reasons. With today's story we will review some of the approaches that work and what doesn't. Read now to find out how to get the really good guys interested in you.

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What is the secret to successful remote software engineering?

After working with remote environments and remote teams for over 7 years, this story will outline some common misconceptions surrounding remote teams and will try explain some of the "secrets" to a successful remote team.

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How to Remote Debug Node.js

Sure debugging with console.log is possible, but is that the best use of your time as a developer? In this story we will show how to easily setup a debugging environment for node either locally or even debugging remote machines. Simple. Easy. Effective.

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