Our approach.

We are a different kind of Software Engineering Company. While money is important it’s not the most important thing to us in general and in choosing teams and customers. We are hyper focused on making geeks happy both on the customer side and on our talent side.

Our Mission.

We specialize in forging high-quality software engineering teams for companies and in making both our customers and our talent happy. We do that be following some important concepts:

We areCoreTeam.io.

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We only hire top 5% software engineers that cares

We really believe that great engineers enjoy working with other great engineers so we only hire software developers  that genuinely would care about our goals, and about each other. We do this by conducting several stages of interviews, including code tests, programming exercises, personality tests and more. We also involve our current team members in the decision as we strongly believe in team synergy and match, both internally and with clients to build the ultimate software development team!

We only work with customers that have engineering talent on their end

The most successful and synergetic teams are made of two counterparts – great engineering management and great engineering teams. We know how to create  high-quality teams, and for such a team to be happy & productive they must work with customers that understand technology well. This allows both sides to set reasonable goals, to know what to expect and to feel comfortable with risks and changes, and to appreciate it when we deliver complex solutions quickly. We also work with our customers to help them find the right talent on their end and to establish winning management processes and workflows.

We eliminate risk by starting small with our lead engineer taking an active part in the project

Hiring people, especially in remote environments, is challenging and feels risky to many companies. This is why we are intentionally a small company and are selective of whom we work with, customers and talent alike. Our lead engineer has over 7 years’ experience working in remote environments. In order to build mutual trust, to understand the project and to find the best people for the customer environment, our lead engineer works directly with the customers for the first few weeks or months of every project. This allows customers to get the confidence and trust and for us to be sure we are the right fit.

We work with cool technologies and projects

Smart people need good challenges and enjoy tackling new technologies. As such we work with customers to find interesting and challenging projects that allow both the engineers to enjoy their work, and our customers to get results delivered across various systems and problems, including Docker deployments, to bug fixes, to system architecture and more.

Mutual goal alignment and long term success

We believe the only way to achieve mutual success is to have goal alignment for both our talent and our customers and to work long term together. As such we focus on hiring people that would stay with us for the long term and on customers that wish to build teams for long durations.

This means we work best with customers that are looking to hire engineers, not  project companies. We believe this allows our customers to care about the engineers happiness and progress which aligns both sides to get the best successful results.

Invest in people and communities

We are not just about money, and while we are hard working we also care about living and enjoying life. We give our engineers the best offices we can; we like co-working spaces and communities. Our engineers have a few days a year when we pay them to volunteer and use their technical skills to give back to those in need. We like to go on trips together and to spend time together, as we believe in re-charging not just charging. This allows us to create a unique culture the helps people perform at their best and enjoy doing it.

We believe in trust and freedom

We believe in earning our customers' trust and hiring people we can trust. We work in remote teams and we allow people to have flexible working hours. This means we must establish trust with customers and talent alike.

We also develop our own product

We like to innovate, so we work with our engineers and build our own product that is all about  making engineering teams happy!