Nomad Ergonomics comes to address how to setup a proper workstation on the road.
If you’re a software engineer, designer, sales person, entrepreneur or any other road warrior or digital nomad it means you’re on the road a lot and you need to work from multiple places.
This means slouching over a laptop in a coffee shop or hotel desk.
This creates stress on your whole body , from your neck and back to your wrists.
As such you need to think about nomad ergonomics.

The Proper Nomad Ergonomics

Understanding the recommended and correct seating and setup when working as a software developer is very important.
There are many good resources and videos that explain how to setup properly.
Here is an example of how to setup correctly:

ergonomics for software developer

If you wish to read more, here is a suggestion from Microsoft how to setup your office

However here are the basics:

  • monitor – eye level.
  • arm rest support at 90 degrees
  • adjustable height char.
  • get legs at 90-110 degrees.

All very easily done at home or an office, but what about when traveling?

The search for the travel workstation setup

The first item I miss the most from the home setup is not the overall nomad ergonomics but it’s the keyboard.
At home and in the office I use the Microsoft sculpt keyboard.
It’s a wonderful keyboard and once you get used to the natural layout of the keyboard it’s very comfortable and much softer on the wrists.
So I decided that when traveling I’d like the same setup.

Initially, I had a pretty decent sized backpack, so I tried to travel with a whole keyboard in my back-pack, however that didn’t fare well.
The keyboard stopped working shortly, or having keys pressed constantly, draining the battery from the laptop and keyboard.
At the end the keyboard itself failed, forcing me go back to nomad ergonomics drawing board on that one.

The Keyboard – GoldTouch Go!2

After some research I found the GoldTouch Go!2 Keyboard.

This keyboard can act as a regular keyboard:

simple travel keyboard

As an ergonomic keyboard with an unlimited number of configurations. Just pull the leaver and adjust to what’s most comfortable for you.

flat split travel keyboard
ergonomic travel keyboard

I found it super handy. It folds nice to half of it’s size, which means it can be stored in a backpack of almost any size.

folding travel keyboard

The Stand – The Roost

Once I’ve solved my ergonomic keyboard, I was still faced with an issue.
How can I position the small laptop monitor to be on eye level or close to it?
I’ve tried various stands, but those were either un-comfortable, or didn’t fit in a bag.
I even experimented with some cardboard boxes.

That’s until I came across the Roost Stand.
The Roost stand, folds into a stick size package making it ideal to travel, and when setup in props up your laptop at eye level.
Their version 2.0 also has multiple height adjustments:

Please note that the roost is very expensive, and I’ve had a few friends order from ali-express Roost like stands:
NextStand Ali Express

However I would still opt for the Roost, it was the original and I believe it’s better made. So I would prefer to put my laptop in the base stand possible.

Nomad Ergonomics – Last Tips

This along with any wireless mouse, let’s me setup shop anywhere with a pretty ergonomic setup.
Many cafes don’t have armrests, but I check with hotels prior to booking, and many do offer height adjustable seats with armrests.
Other than that Try to sit as close as possible to the table, and that also prevents slouching.

Overall, I’m very happy with this nomad ergonomics setup, it’s light and easy to use.
Only downside is that people might look at you funny, when you setup a workstation area in a cafe!
Hope you have found this useful!