Mark Johnson

Passionate web designer and art lover.

What is the secret to successful remote software engineering?

After working with remote environments and remote teams for over 7 years, this story will outline some common misconceptions surrounding remote teams and will try explain some of the "secrets" to a successful remote team.

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How to Remote Debug Node.js

Sure debugging with console.log is possible, but is that the best use of your time as a developer? In this story we will show how to easily setup a debugging environment for node either locally or even debugging remote machines. Simple. Easy. Effective.

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Authenticating with Ember-Simple-Auth

Authenticate your front-end apps easily. In this Story we will show how to use the Ember Simple Auth library to Authenticate Ember Apps.

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Choosing an MVC framework: Why I picked Ember & why it was an awesome decision

This story will describe the logic of choosing a new tech stack for a front-end project we completed. It will go through the considerations and competitive view of the front-end stacks and why we ended up choosing Ember. Both in terms of start of project and end of project perspectives.

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