The process

We believe that fulfilled people not only make better employees, they also make better people. Our mission is not only to build software or to earn income but also to make a positive impact on the world. That is why at our core we are not just taking but giving back through various activities:


All our people get a few days a year to volunteer and give back to the community. Our only requirement is that they use their technical skills or professional abilities to help those in need. From helping animal rescues sort our their computer systems, to teaching less fortunate children, each person is allowed to pick his own initiative and we support the cause. We even organize helping days ourselves anybody who needs help finding an initiative. We put effort into motivating our people to give back, we think it is important that everyone gives back a little. We put effort into motivating our people to give back. It is important to give back.


From our lead engineer to our people, we understand and love startups. Many of us have dedicated years of our lives to start-ups. As such we are open to helping start-ups in a variety of technical and business perspectives: reviewing pitch decks, helping pick technology stacks, assisting in raising money and more. We love helping startups and people that want to change the world!


We love communities such as tech communities and working communities, and we believe in loving the people around you. That is why we choose to work out of community-based offices. Our people get exposed to multiple technologies, companies, and people, learn about different perspectives and even make new friends.