Smart People.

Join the best developers & smartest people and solve complex problems in interesting projects for clients all over the globe.

Happy & Well Paid.

Join the best engineers, work on exciting projects and get paid well. The best people expect to be paid for their abilities, and we know that.

Fun & Relaxed Offices.

Enjoy modern offices with chill-out areas, community environments packed with cool people and projects, ping-pong, air-hockey, free coffee & tea, and a laid-back attitude with flexible work hours.

Give Back.

Giving back is important and empowering. When you become part of our team you'll get paid volunteering days to go and use your technical skills to help those in need. Join us in giving back!

Growth & Meaning.

Learn, develop and grow you career. You'll get to learn new technologies,  work on projects that have an impact and really understand how code works. You'll also be able to learn various skills from new technologies, to DevOp, to management, entrepreneurship and leadership. You get to decide how to develop.

Community Focused.

We work out of community-based offices that offer networking, technical events, fun gatherings and an environment where you can meet brilliant minds and learn from them. Some of the best investors and start-ups work just a few desks from us. Get to know them and learn from them!


Be a Pro.

You know what you're doing. You understand code well, can read someone else's code and can write elegant and clean solutions. You're also able to explain why you wrote certain code in a certain way, and you're ok with tackling bugs and solving issues even if you didn't write the code.

Be Honest.

To work with us you must be honest. You may come across issues that you're having a hard time solving, that are outside of your expertise, or perhaps you've even made a mistake and caused a problem. You're not afraid to call it the way it is and raise the concern so we can work together to get things back on track.

Be Reliable.

You're must be reliable — if we agree on something, you will do you best to make sure it's done as agreed. If you cannot do it, for unforeseen reasons, you'll bring it up as soon as possible. You are focused on the product owner's success as much as yours.

Helpful & Friendly.

We only hire people that are friendly, no jerks at all. And you must be helpful. This means if you see a problem you're happy to help your fellow engineers, even if it's not your responsibility. We all have to work together. There is no point in faults, only in results.

Customer Experience.

You can see the world and products from the customer's perspective and not just you own. This means you're flexible and adjust your goals to match colleagues and clients. You should also understand how people use the product and constantly ask how you can make the product better and easier for the end users using the product.

Reliable Results.

You are available full time and can work (at least some of the time) from our offices . We are happy to allow some remote work, but we also believe there is magic that happens in teams, so we would like to work with you part of the time at least. If you're in university or have other obligations, we are happy to work with you on a schedule that would fit you.

We’re always looking for talented people. If you want to work with a world-class team on challenging and interesting projects, contact us at [email protected]. Please send us your CV or LinkedIn profile.


Full Stack Engineer (senior / mid / junior)

You will be responsible for frontend (React) and backend API (Python) code across an exciting internal project. You will work closely with us to design, implement and test a new SaaS product.

While it’s best that you have both Python and React experience, we are open to candidates that have other skillset of different stacks (PHP, .NET, Node, Go, etc)

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What do you need to know

  • Very good knowledge of web programming with at least 1-2 languages
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and understanding of web concepts.
  • Ideally have some experience with Python
  • Ideally experience with scraping / web extraction.
  • Ideally have experience with at least one MVC framework
  • Have a solid foundation of computer science concepts, oo design and application architecture.
  • Be very smart and able to learn things quickly.
  • Be able to write both frontend and backend code.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.