We love what we do.

We develop, optimize and run awesome software. We also make your development processes more efficient.
Our years of experience in this ‘hard to please’ market along with our long engagements is proof of our abilities.
Either by extending your team or by being your software development team, we will add value from day one.
Our software engineers & developers are looking forward to helping you built, maintain and run your software.
Frontend, Backend or DevOps, We got you cover. Let us be your technical quarterback or code linebacker!

Uniting Teams.Crafting Products.

We are an engineering company that specializes in building high impact software teams and in helping build awesome products, globally! We have years of experience working in distributed environments effectively and efficiently.

Our lives are all about making software engineers & developers happy. We are solving highly complex problems including how to make both talent and product owners happy and  deliver results at the same time.

About Us

Let's Talk.

We work with some of the most innovative enterprises and startups.


Awesome People. Fun Place.

CoreTeam brings together the smartest engineers in a facilitating environment.
Each individual software engineer is setup to thrive alone and as part of a team.
Our software engineers & developers not only use latest technologies.
Our software engineers & developers also have firm grasp on existing technologies.
We work with Python developers, Node developers, React / Vue developers, Javascript Developers,
Wordpress Developers, Java developers or any other developer you might need!

Your team.Top talent.

Smart people like to work with other smart people. However team synergy and solidarity are just as important. Not only do we hire the top 3% of engineers, we also build the right team culture and fit for long term success.

Crafting products.Elegant code.

We can help you build awesome products. Help make existing product better.  We are even developing our own products that will make geeks’ professional life happier and easier!

Happy geeks.Awesome outcomes.

We are geeks and digital nomads. We work all around the world. Our talent has fun, develops, learns and feels motivated. The product owner gets results, customer experience focused code. Together  we all cultivate long-term success.

Complex problems. Simple solutions.

We are using some of the newest technologies and processes to solve the issues of working in remote environments. We also use some of the newest technologies to do that from processes to tech stack to locations and offices.






Cups of Coffee



“Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with love.”

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